Radio Diamond welcomes new DJ/Presenter Richard Ampeh aka “DJ Amp Logik” who will be presenting “The Gaudia Vitae show” (The joys of life show)

dj richard ampeh

DJ Amp Logik presents Gaudia Vitae show (The joys of life show)

DJ Amp Logik presents The Gaudia Vitae (Joys of life) show. This show has been put together to inspire a race of people that are so tuned into being the best they can be that there is no time for the negativity that is consuming the population. We want to create a league of achievers that don’t only want to help themselves but also others.  Your goals are your goals and we are not here to tell you “that’s wrong” or “that’s right” but we are here to inspire, motivate and hold you accountable for the results you achieve (failure or success are results and indicators for what needs to be changed).


The show addresses a variety of local and wider reaching issues that are affecting individuals and their ability to create the lives they want and deserve. Using his expertise and study of self-development (Life coaching, mentoring, drama healing, teaching) DJ Amp Logik uses his words to guide and empower listens. All music is carefully selected to create a show that creates an inspirational vibe. Along with music the show also features interviewees at various stages in their life journey but each one possessing a unique story or insight conducive of the shows overall message, get up and live the best life possible.


DJ Amp Logik is not only sensitive but also very calming thus creating a show which is easy to listen to.

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