Lisa Samuel’s ME1 PPD Director


Lisa is a regular guest speaker and guest interviewer on the Imani Speaks show broadcasting at Radio Diamond radio station.

Lisa will be live in the studio with Imani every other Tuesday. She will be bringing awareness to why coaching is so important in our lives today.

Lisa Samuel is young, dynamic woman who has overcome challenges and is now giving back to her community. She is helping men, women, young and old alike to achieve their goals.

She has a team of volunteers who help her to fulfil her dream to help people realize their full potential; unlock the dusty dreams in the attic of their mind, making them a reality.

She will be looking at the key areas of our lives such as:-

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Social Live
  • Education
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of failure
  • Manifesting your dreams and so much more………………….

Lisa has studied various courses, first embarking on an Access course that led to social work studies.

Lisa says ‘My youth and community working degree and extensive experience led me to work in statutory, private and voluntary settings for 5 years supporting children, young people of disadvantage and vulnerable backgrounds’

  • Youth work role – supporting positive activities and employability skills for 13- 25 year old
  • Education projects with excluded or disengage youths
  • Parenting officer role with complex families
  • Youth Inclusion role with at-risk youths

Tune in Tuesdays to hear Lisa share her extensive knowledge on life coaching, mentoring. If you have a question you can text in or speak to Lisa who will be live in the studio. She also offers free consultations to answer all your questions pertaining to life coaching and how you may benefit.

Lisa will be back on 14 February – Valentine’s day special when she will be discussing how coaching can help people in their relationships and how to find that special person.

For more details about Lisa go to
Imani Speaks Show Tuesdays 1-3pm GMT

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