Imani Speaks


Imani speaks is a Female Radio DJ and talk show host. The Imani Speaks show is both local and global.

Radio Diamond, Tuesdays 1-3pm GMT, Imani speaks to people who are making a difference in their community whether it is here in the UK or abroad.

Topics covered:-

* Personal Development
* Spirituality
* Musicians/Singers
* Life coaching
* World Issues
* Local Issues
* Love & Relationship
* Health
* Business
* Family Life and much more

Radio Diamond has provided a powerful platform for its DJs & Presenters. Radio Diamond is a valued and precious gem among radio stations in the world today.

The Imani Speaks show prides itself on being a powerful voice for the African community (Diaspora and continent) and the world at large.

The Imani Speaks show hosts live interviews with people from all walks of life from the highly skilled and influential accredited experts, as well as the local hero who is making a difference in the community.

Imani is a bubbly lively yet sensitive presenter who puts her very heart and soul into her interviews and choice of music she select to encouragement of her listeners. Imani’s show uplifts, develops and empowers the African and global community. The aim of her show is to create a positive change in the minds and actions of African people on the continent and the Diaspora and beyond.

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Show Details

Every Tuesday 1pm-3pm